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August 24, 2023


GK.Video recently partnered with Funny&Amen and the producers of the short film, ANOTHER MAN'S TRASH, to help them finish post-production.

Watch the trailer for ANOTHER MAN'S TRASH!

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GK provided consulting services to complete editing of the film, oversaw the sound design of the film with legendary Philadelphia composer and sound designer, John Avarese, and also edited the film's trailer.

Funny&Amen will be screening ANOTHER MAN'S TRASH and its Other Seriously Short Films on Sept 15th in Philadelphia, many of which were produced by GK.Video.

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ANOTHER MAN'S TRASH is a movie about being happy, homeless, human. With its heartwarming, endearing, and comedic moments, you will see how two people's lives from seemingly different worlds collide and how they must unexpectedly rely on each other.  The film features mainly on local actors and John O'Hurley famous as J. Peterman on the NBC TV sitcom Seinfeld.

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Showcased by Funny&Amen, you can enjoy the Red Carpet, networking, the screening of the films, and Q&A with the Cast and Crew of ANOTHER MAN'S TRASH, including John Giordano, Dennis Jeantet, and, if available, Brian Anthony Wilson, Catherine LaSalle, John O'Hurley.

F&A Presents AMT

Friday, September 15, 2023
City Life Church
3301 S 20th Street,
Philadelphia, PA, 19145
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In addition to the complimentary showing of ANOTHER MAN'S TRASH (30 min), other Funny&Amen short films will fill the night with laughter. 

YOU CAME - It's "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" meets "Get Out" but set in a church musical.

KEVIN & KEITH - Ever wonder if your prayers are being heard or being answered for someone else?

MISSIONS - When the Mormons come knocking, you can't hide...the door will be opened.

SELFIE - There's violence in the streets. Street Preachers have to Spread the Word somehow.
The team from GK.Video will be at the screening!  Hope to see you there!


Get-Kinetic is Philadelphia’s comedy video production company.  
Get-Kinetic is New York’s comedy video production company.
Get-Kinetic is New Jersey’s comedy video production company.
OK, so we are a tristate video company.

GK has produced Mockumentaries, comedy commercials, and skits and even incorporated comedy into corporate communications, HR videos, training films, and safety films for better audience engagement and learning retention.

Engaging video and creativity is our passion, so when we get to unleash our skills on our client’s comedy video projects, it’s very rewarding.  GK’s founder, Kevin Hackenberg, likes to say that “for educational videos and narrative films, comedy is ‘sticky’.  And comedy is graded Pass/Fail - so hearing the audience laughing and reacting means we’ve achieved success.  When you hear someone who has watched our films repeat the joke a few days later, it means we really have affected the attitudes and culture of the audience.”

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