Surprise! You are on the same page ... 


You all need to get along better.


If you want some slack with the Christians you have to give them some slack and forgive them a little... or a lot.  Some don't realize they slid over in the pew and went from being a follower of Jesus to a follower of the Pharisees.  They are still trying to figure out who God is and that they are not Him!  Funny&Amen's CEO was the Hypocrite-in-Chief until he was "born-again, again."  Give them time to see the error of their ways, after all they are only human.


Q: What's the difference between God and a Christian?

A: God doesn't think he's a Christian!


Our message to non-believers - There is one truth.  It's funny and beautiful and a hot mess all at the same time.

(Link to Q&A between me and a non-Christian)


If you want to make some headway and communicate the gospel to the non-Christians, try being a better listener than a speaker.  If you must talk, confess your sins to them. (James 5:16).  Be authentic.  Share a funny story with them.  Like that time you had a log in your eye!  (Matthew 7:4-5)


Q: What is the difference between a Baptist and a Presbyterian?

A: The Presbyterian will say hello to you in the liquor store.


Our message to Christians:  Humble yourself.  Admit what you don't know.  Don't confuse tradition or American Christianity with the Kingdom of God.  Actually be more like Jesus.  Ask more questions than you give answers.


(Link to Q&A between me and a pastor)


Whether you believe in him or not, study the life of Jesus.  He changed the world quite a bit.  Maybe he can change you, too.  (MOM VOICE - We were talking to both of you!)