Funny&Amen is a non-profit 501(c)3 that spreads peace, love, the Gospel of Jesus, and hilarious content in a too-tense, too-serious, and too-divided world. 


Just like Pat Robertson has his 700 Club of little old ladies, Funny&Amen is looking for 700 individuals willing to contribute $20 each month to harness the power of joy! Funny&Amen uses comedy content to break ground on hard hearts both inside and outside the church. Once that hard ground is softened with laughter, Funny&Amen plants seeds about Jesus in unsuspecting audiences who are drawn in by the joy and excellent entertainment.

Giving Monthly is the best way to give.  Over time your small (or large) monthly gift really adds up. Monthly Giving also allows Funny&Amen to budget better and produce comedy content on the regular.

Every One-Time gift is a huge blessing.  If you want to be a big-time donor but don't have deep pockets, try this:  Divide your largest possible one-time gift by 10.  When given monthly, in just one year you will have easily given that gift and 20% more!

It’s fun to spread joy and you can even do that when you’re gone. They say "you can’t take it with you" so why not plan to spread joy while you’re pushing up daisies?! Contact us to discuss a fixed amount, tiered amount, or percentage-based planned giving.

Funny&Amen wants to help you spread joy to your community. We can partner with you to host a stand-up comedy night or comedy film event or provide a comedy speaker for your event. Contact us for more information.


Our goal today is to increase our monthly support to $1000 per month. This will be used to produce and distribute more of our joyful content and "laughter is medicine" message. Thanks to our current patrons, we are already starting at $315/month and with your help and a pledge of $100, $50, $20, or $10 per month, we know we will quickly reach this goal.


Like other missionaries and non-profits you support, Funny&Amen is focused on changing a people group. For Funny&Amen we are connecting with the people of the internet and we are speaking their language (comedy) to show the world that Jesus taught us how to laugh at ourselves, how to get humble, and how to really love.

Like other missionaries and non-profits, we can't do it alone and need you to adopt us! (We are potty-trained... for the most part.)