The use of video for HR can be a powerful tool to communicate various aspects of human resources, including employee onboarding, training, culture promotion, and recruitment.

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Welcome Video for Onboarding

Create a warm and informative video that introduces new employees to the company culture, values, and basic policies. This helps new hires feel more comfortable and informed.

Training and Development Videos

Produce instructional videos on various HR-related topics such as sexual harassment prevention, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, or compliance training.

Recruitment Videos

Showcase your company's workplace, team, and values to attract top talent. Use employee testimonials to give potential candidates an authentic view of your organization.

Internal Communication Videos

Use videos to keep your employees updated on company news, events, and changes in HR policies. It's a more engaging way to communicate important updates.

Culture and Values Videos

Create videos that highlight your company's mission, values, and culture. Show how these values are lived out by employees in their day-to-day work.

Leadership Messages

Record video messages from top executives or HR leaders to share their insights, goals, and visions for the company.