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January 23, 2024

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In 2023, GK.video partnered with the producers of the Hawaiian comedy "Moku Moku'' to bring their 6 part series to life.   In just over a year from initial introductions,  Moku Moku is now streaming. 

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The 6 part comedy series is reminiscent of shows like Reservation Dogs, LetterKenny, Trailer Park Boys, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Moku Moku follows the up-country life of three native Hawaiin friends, Kimo, Pili, and LeiLani, played by the talented Bronson Varde, Chino LaForge, and Patti Lee.

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Longtime GK collaborator and producer Michael Crenshaw first introduced GK’s Kevin Hackenberg to Moku Moku show co-creator Kawika Hoke and his cowriter Jonathan Melikidse in late 2022.  Just over a month later, a small team from GK headed to the island of Maui with cameras, lights, and a love for laughter.  In return the GK team got a quick education on Hawaiian history, & culture and brought home the footage for an amazing comedy show pilot that had everyone wanting to see more.


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With dedicated investors attached to the project and a great local crew, GK headed back to Maui for 5 more weeks in April and May to assist in the production of more episodes.

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 GK provided MOKU MOKU with:

- Over 25 years of narrative-producing experience

- Steadicam and aerial cinematography services

- 19 cases of camera and lighting equipment

- A Sponsorship from SONY



As part of our mutual cultural exchange, both the GK crew and the local Hawaiian cast and crew exchanged unlimited laughs on set.  Every production has its challenges, and one of the biggest challenges for the Moku Moku production was keeping the crew from ruining every sound take with all the laughing that occurred. 

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GK’s own Kevin Hackenberg directed episode 6, the season finale. Kevin also served as 1st assistant director for two other episodes. 

Read more about "MOKU MOKU" in the MauiNow article here.

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More information on MOKU MOKU can be found here:


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Moku Moku is a show that is authentic and original. It's a show that showcases the real Hawaii, with its beauty, humor, and challenges.
Learn more about the amazing cast and crew behind this original series on (https://www.808mokumoku.com)

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