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    You have a message to communicate. That's why you're here. You want to say or do something different to gain followers, convert customers to your brand, and (let's be honest) make your business more profitable. You think the answer is video, and in today's world, it probably is. But maybe it's more. Let's talk about you and your goals. Whatever you are trying to achieve, Get-Kinetic can help. Our approach is geared towards helping your business give the audience what they want - a good story. What makes a good story? The dynamic characters.


    You need to stand out, and just filming your CEO with your smartphone and adding some blurry photos ain't gonna cut it. The internet is full of people's comments, tweets, pictures, and videos. The people that stand out are unique characters. Stop hiding your inner child. Creating characters can be as simple as dressing your CEO in a cape or hiring a comedic actor to interact with your staff or customers. Your town has character. Your building has character.Your company's culture has character.


    Get-Kinetic offers script writing and critiquing services for our clients. Yes, every video needs a story, and a good story starts with a good script. But every great story starts with great characters. Want to know the best way to communicate your message in video? Need help getting to the core of the characters you planned for your video? Wondering how this will help your audience relate to your message and impact their decisions? Get-Kinetic offers consultations and script services to make your characters leap off the page, and onto the screen.


    After scripting and defining the characters that will set you apart (also called "the creative") there's a lot of planning required for a successful end product. You may be in a hurry to start, but don’t worry: Get-Kinetic really starts to hum as we get closer to production, guaranteeing that we will

    • Storyboarding
    • Production Planning
    • Production Design
    • Casting
    • Crewing

    Once the planning is done, it’s time to turn on the lights, check the audio levels, and roll the cameras! What happens in front of the camera is critical to the success of the project. Get-Kinetic has been producing high-end imagery for over 20 years, so when we’re on set you can sit back and enjoy the process, knowing that we’ve got your back.

    • Directing
    • Talent Wrangling
    • Art Direction
    • Technical Direction
    • Cinematography

    In its simplest form, production is just a cameraman and a camera. In its most complicated form, it’s a fifty-person crew and a cast of thousands.  Get-Kinetic has experience handling both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between. When it comes to getting the technical details right, we've been excelling at that for years.


    After we capture your characters on camera, it's time to cut them down to size.

    The process of the film shoot is akin to selecting the perfect piece of marble; editing is the process of carving that marble into a work of art. The key to editing is paring your message down to its essence (removing the “um”s and “uh”s) all while maintaining your professionalism, humor, accent, and everything else that makes you and your brand so unique.

    Once we have all the footage in order, it’s time to make the color palette match the aesthetic of the imagery- via color correction, we adjust the hues and tones of each shot to transform your video from a series of pretty shots into a cohesive cinematic piece.


    The character that best defines your company doesn’t have to be confined to your boardroom.

    Is your CEO a wizard with magical powers? Is your business model personified by a bulldog in a tutu? Do you need to add some animation to your bar graphs to really showcase how much you’ve been crushing it lately? Do you want more unicorns in your video? (Who doesn’t, right?)

    Whatever it takes to convey your message, we can make it happen with a complete array of visual effects and graphics. We used to say “the sky’s the limit,” but that really isn’t true anymore- the only limit to your video is your imagination.


    There's a reason your local theatre put in THX Dolby Surround (and so did your neighbor, unfortunately).

    Sound is that crucial aspect of storytelling that most people forget about, unless it’s missing: the particular tone and tenor of your voice, the “barely there” hum of an office room, shoes walking down a hallway…all of these minuscule noises combine to create an entirely different dimension of your story and characters. “Show, don’t tell” isn’t just a rule to visual storytelling- your audience should HEAR your story as well.

    Sound FX, Sound Mixing and Music Composition. Let's make a movie.


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