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Get-Kinetic partnered with Auckland New Zealand based VideoTaxi to offer fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations a way to produce high-end video content efficiently and to save Get-Kinetic's clients time and money.

1,000,000 seconds of video are screened every second online

Content creation on demand, at a fixed price.



No more surprises, everything included in one easy and cost effective payment structure



Let us assist in planning all your creatives projects.



Your producer writes, storyboards, shots, edits and does motion graphics in a flash.



One-on-one communication ensures deadlines are met everytime.

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If video isn’t already a key part of your marketing strategy – it should be!

Video consumption is rising by 100% every year and by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic!

Join the video revolution with VideoTaxi!

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Why VideoTaxi?

Get the maximum miles for your budget, get there on time, know where you are going and know how you are going to get there with VideoTaxi.

Ranked NZ’s most responsive video producer.